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  1. jonnysideways

    E92 M3 Parts request

    ok, ill be back in touch soon ;0)
  2. jonnysideways

    E92 M3 Parts request

    Tailpipe tip, chrome x 4 18 30 7 840 634 (can you advise if these are Black or SIlver, as like black please" cheers JOhn
  3. jonnysideways

    E92 Shadowline Black side vents 2011 M3

    There are part of the Extended Vent Pack ? I think
  4. jonnysideways

    E92 Shadowline Black side vents 2011 M3

    Hi Assume its what this part connects too 63 13 7 838 540 as its the side repeater. if that helps.
  5. jonnysideways

    Bmw 318 2004 coupe advice needed

    Agree with Ronnie the generic readers are just that, The INPA BMW ones are better, as I believe BMW only expose the bare minimum to the ODB2 Standard. From a quick google there seems to be lots of coverage of this, but in the main EMLs are Lambda / O2 Senor related, and this can affect running, but limp home may indicate something more sinister. Before spending money cashing you tail, BMW used to charge a 1/2 hour or 1 hour labour to do a diagnosis, so might be worth a try.
  6. jonnysideways

    330d cold startingissues

    Hi, as soon as it gets cold at winter I've noticed that the modern Turbo Diesels never seem to heat the glow plugs enough to assist with the start by the time you actually turn the key. If its ok when warner, its more than likely to be Glow Plugs, our old Golf GTD did the same, and in winter was a nightmare, when we had it checked 2 of the 4 were not working. I have a 325D currently and it had new glow lugs 5K ago, and has been fine, even starting at -4.5, so if its not had a set within the normal BMW recommend life span, or you don't know when it had a set, if its not cost prohibitive, cant harm getting them replaced. This is just my opinion, I'm not a mechanic, just owned 30+ BMWS over the last 20 years ;0) hope this helps.
  7. If its copyrighted sorry and feel fee to removed it, but had it in my in box, and thought might be useful to have it on this section. Flashing your SMG Module with the CSL Software.pdf
  8. jonnysideways

    BMW E36 M3 Buyers Guide

    It's probably getting a bit old in the tooth, but wanted to contribute. Attached is a guide I did back when I was the registrar for the BMW Owners Club. BMW_E36_M3_Buyer_Guide.doc
  9. Hi Can you supply the E92 Shadowline Black side vents from the Dakar Edition 2011 M3 (assumethey are same on Monte Carlo and Alpine Edition. cheers John
  10. jonnysideways

    e92 Competition Alloys

    hi. can you quote black BMW M3 ZCP Style 359 19 inch alloys? cheers John
  11. jonnysideways

    e92 Competition Alloys

    MANY thanks.
  12. jonnysideways

    e92 Competition Alloys

    Price for a set of e92 Competition Alloys. 19inch as would be on a comp pack car. cheers John
  13. jonnysideways

    E92 Parts

    yes sorry, forgot I posted
  14. jonnysideways

    E92 Parts

    HI can you buy the glue only for the M-Mobility system 71 10 2 282 823 cheers John