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  1. CrazyBaptie

    Z4 Protection Plate

    Sorry I mean Drivers side protection plate which the number is for
  2. CrazyBaptie

    Z4 Protection Plate

    Hi, Would you be able to quote me for a passenger side protection plate for the front - I think its part (34116750130). Its for a BMW Z4 E85 (HF53 CLX). Could you also provide a labour quote for this? Thanks, Kyle
  3. CrazyBaptie

    BMW Z4 Bumper

    Hi, Someone decided it would be a good idea to reverse into my bumper! Would you be able to price a new aero bumper for my 2003 BMW Z4 (HF53 CLX). It was part of the aerodynamics package. It also has to be the one that fits with the headlight washers. Thanks, Kyle