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  1. CrazyBaptie

    Z4 Parts

    Hi, Could you get us a price for the sat nav rear cover? Part number 65502413696 Reg HF53 CLX Thanks, Kyle
  2. CrazyBaptie

    BMW Z4 Parts

    Hi, I am just looking for a couple small parts listed below for my BMW Z4 (HF53 CLX); 5x - 07119904208 5x - 07146959895 5x - 51181823474 15x - 51718219511 Thanks, Kyle
  3. CrazyBaptie

    Radiator Fan

    Can I also have a price for the boot switch for (Reg Y815 LCS) part no. 51130000051?
  4. CrazyBaptie

    Radiator Fan

    Hi Mate, Can you get me a price for a Radiator Fan (Reg V730 DSS). And when would you be able to get this in for? Thanks
  5. CrazyBaptie

    E85 Headliner

    Hi, I was wondering if you could get a price for the headlining for a 2003 E85 Z4. Part number 54347016889. Also do you know what the labour cost on this is? Thanks, Kyle
  6. CrazyBaptie

    BMW Z4 Parts

    Hi Can I get the price for the following for my E85 Z4. Also how fast could you get them into the shop or out to me? Front Level Sensor Joint - 37146766778 Sensor Nut - 07129905817 Sensor Locking Nut - 07129906196 I am also looking for the 6 pin connector that would connect to the level sensor. I need the terminals and grommets as well. I think the part number is 61138383300? Thanks, Kyle
  7. CrazyBaptie

    BMW Z4 Radiator

    Hi Guys, Could you get me a price for the radiator on a 2003 BMW Z4 (HF53 CLX) Thanks, Kyle
  8. CrazyBaptie

    BMW Z4 Steering Joints

    Thanks for that! I'll get back to you just t trying to make sure this is the problem first.
  9. CrazyBaptie

    BMW Floating Centre Caps

    Hi Guys, Have use got a price on a set of these? I assume it will be the same for everyone?
  10. CrazyBaptie

    BMW Z4 Steering Joints

    Hi, I was wondering if you could get me a price for the lower steering column joints for my BMW Z4 (HF53 CLX) I think its part number 32306767054 Thanks, Kyle
  11. CrazyBaptie

    Z4 Protection Plate

    Sorry I mean Drivers side protection plate which the number is for
  12. CrazyBaptie

    Z4 Protection Plate

    Hi, Would you be able to quote me for a passenger side protection plate for the front - I think its part (34116750130). Its for a BMW Z4 E85 (HF53 CLX). Could you also provide a labour quote for this? Thanks, Kyle
  13. CrazyBaptie

    BMW Z4 Bumper

    Hi, Someone decided it would be a good idea to reverse into my bumper! Would you be able to price a new aero bumper for my 2003 BMW Z4 (HF53 CLX). It was part of the aerodynamics package. It also has to be the one that fits with the headlight washers. Thanks, Kyle