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  1. MLAM

    MINI JCW Pricing Please

    Big thanks to Liam and Elliott for the help and got all bits safely! Can I have a quote for a set of front brake pads (hopefully you have an offer on) and also this part please? 51777334640
  2. MLAM

    MINI JCW Pricing Please

    Thanks for the reply Liam Can you also quote me for 5 L of your oil that is on offer? I can't remember the name but it isn't the BMW one
  3. Hi Guys Can I have the best price for below please? Can I also have them individually broken down in price too? Chassis is T238833 Oil Filter Updated Wiper Blades 61612327749 Updated Drivers Arm 61617352527 Updated Passenger Arm 61617352528 2x Gearbox Oil Drain Plugs 23127602815 The Below is supposed to be for the soft top models however I'm not sure if they will fit a R56? Strut mount 51617113473 Short Strut 51617133627 Long strut 51617070779