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  1. Ronnie

    Dynamic Drive problem

    You need to get a diagnostic done, to see what fault codes come up. This will point towards the issue at hand.
  2. Ronnie

    Air con

    Have you had a diagnostic done on the car? When was the last time it was regassed?
  3. Part numbers. 33322406289 33322406288
  4. Ronnie


  5. Ronnie


    Something could be back feeding the instrument cluster. Check the wiring at the boot hinge.
  6. Ronnie

    E82 123D DPF Error on dash.

    I've been away for ages. These engines are common for sooting up. The inlet and head get sooted up, restricts breathing/flow. DPF gets sooted up. Tunap is very good for unblocking DPF, perform a regen and you'll be surprised how much back pressure reduces and how quickly. Always worth checking coolant temps reach high enough when driving for a regen to perform.
  7. Ronnie

    2003 - E46 BMW 320i Fuel Pump Seal?

    Sorry, yes had a major hack of spammers, but on top of it now. Sorry for any inconvenience.
  8. Ronnie


    Are the sensors showing up as fault codes or are they not reading up correctly on live data? It's not uncommon for the modules and wiring to get damp/water damage on these.
  9. Ronnie

    HELLA Gutmann Radar kit 1 & csc tool kit

    How cheap is the kit? As normally it's very expensive, and the price to buy the kit just to fix your own car wouldn't be worth the money. Those kits are normally in the thousands range.
  10. Ronnie

    vac pump leaking

    Normally it's because the O ring style gasket flattens out. You can get a new gasket for them fortunately. You'll need to remove the pump and take the top off to replace it, while you're there you should replace the O ring between the pump and cylinder head.
  11. You should yes Gazza, as the new discs probably won't fit over the shoes, also if someone has previously not set up the handbrake correctly, you may end up with a poor handbrake.
  12. Ronnie


    What size tyres do you have at present and what size are you going to be running?
  13. Ronnie

    2AAF and

    Are you able to monitor the fuel pressure live readings? Also the boost pressure reading? When the faults are cleared, is there a certain rev range that the fault code comes in at? Does it list it in the fault code data?
  14. Ronnie

    model number displayed?

    No, you can specify that the badges are removed from new by the dealer. Many people do it to try and make people think they have a better model than they really do.
  15. Ronnie

    Bmw 318 2004 coupe advice needed

    First port of call should be to get the fault codes read using specific BMW diagnostic equipment, you will be able to get much deeper into the issue. I'm guessing you had the fault codes read with a generic EOBD code reader?