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  1. Do you have "BMW" Logo door puddle lights I think it's part no. 63312414105 if they even do them? It's for a F20 2016 Chassis No:5B42274 Thanks
  2. BMW2002

    Price please

    Hello? no reply?
  3. BMW2002

    Salvage Hunters - Classic Cars

    Hopefully on the 29th January on the Quest Channel (Sky 144 I think) there is a special episode of the programme with 02 Touring and other 2002's we took along on the day for the film shoot.
  4. BMW2002

    Price please

    Hi guys, Happy New Year. Price please for this (zipped wash bag) Part No. 80222461147 Thank you.
  5. BMW2002


    Hi Rear Shocks for KN43322 please?
  6. BMW2002

    M3 Wings

    Cheers David
  7. BMW2002

    M3 Wings

    Hi Guys, price please for two (both sides) front wings for an M3 E46 and new Front Bumper?
  8. BMW2002

    X5 Rad cap

    Hi price please for Radiator Expansion Tank Cap on X5 4.8i 2010 C/No: LK28537 Posted to my TA24 8EA address please? Thanks. (No.3 in image)
  9. BMW2002

    E39 525i Auto Cooling parts required

    Thanks David, missed Fan Clutch ??
  10. Hi please quote for these on Chassis No. 0G021105 E39 525i AUTO 2002; Viscous Fan 1152020 Fan Clutch Thermostat Gasket Expansion Tank Expansion Cap Bleed Screw Cap Hose Thanks Guys.
  11. BMW2002

    BMW 2002 Tii Radiator

    Whoa, I received an email this week that all BMW Car Club members get 12% discount on all BMW parts on the BMW Classic web site not sure if this is discounted. Still expensive mind. Two specialists Jaymic and Wallothnesch selling new ones (Genuine) for £324 and 300 Euros respectively. Think I'll leave it for now - thanks David
  12. BMW2002

    BMW 2002 Tii Radiator

    Hi David, No, no A/C no UK RHD cars came with A/C. Old Skool windows and opening quarter lights - lol
  13. BMW2002

    BMW 2002 Tii Radiator

    So here's a request out the norm: Price and Availability for a BMW 2002 Tii (1974) Radiator please? Chassis No. 2752359 (but comes up as a newer 7-Series as BMW re-used some of the early numbers). It's manual, RHD of course (turbo's had larger one fitted). Picture attached for reference. Thank You.
  14. BMW2002

    Battery M5 E39

    Thanks David, will order in a week or two - cheers.
  15. BMW2002

    Battery M5 E39

    Hi please provide price for Battery for BJ11064?