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  1. Stu78

    Few Bits

  2. Stu78

    Few Bits

    Can you individually price up the following please Elliott. Fillister Head with Washer - 07119906086 - x 3 Profile-Gasket - 11517787692 - x 1 Clamp - 11717786146 - x 2 Pipe - 11712354039 - x 1 Thermostat for EGR Cooling - 11717787870 - x 1 Cheers Stu
  3. Stu78

    E60 530D Thermostat

    Hi mate Can you price up all the following for me please. Can you check if the Thermostat comes with that gasket and o-rings? Or do these have to be bought separately? 11517805811 - Thermostat 11517787692 - Profile Gasket 11517788984 - O-Ring 11517788985 - Backup O-Ring cheers, Stu
  4. Stu78

    Price Please

    Cheers David. Just to clarify that's for a set and not per item?
  5. Stu78

    Price Please

    Hi David, It's a 330d
  6. Stu78

    Price Please

    Hi can I have a price for the following please. 83122285679 - fragrance natural air sparkling rain drops. 2014 F30 530D. - The following parts:- Set of front brake pads Set of front brake pad sensors Set of front discs Thanks Stu
  7. Stu78

    Price Please

    Hi can I have a price for the following item please. BMW TRAVEL HOOK & COMFORT SYSTEM UNIVERSAL HOOK FOR HEADREST 51952449253 cheers Stu
  8. Stu78

    Airbag light / Driver restraint error

    Yeah I have cleaned that. Do you think the ibs being faulty is triggering this to come on.
  9. After some help on this annoying airbag issue. Shortly after buying my car I got the dreaded airbag light come on saying driver restraint error. I have had the airbag off and cleaned all the contacts and it made no difference. I did a scan of codes with Carly and it brought up the following 3 issues. (SEE PICS BELOW) I decided to take the battery negative off for 30 mins and then put it back on and cleared the codes and it worked and the airbag light stayed off. I did a new read and the only 2 errors were the power management board and the Intelligent battery sensor again. The airbag centre console error went away and no airbag / restraint errors. I have used the car for 6 days covering 300 miles and this morning the airbag light came back on and another read with Carly and the centre console error came back. Could this be a faulty IBS causing the issues with the airbag light? I know these can cause all sorts of weird issues? It has a good AGM BMW battery fitted and reads over 12 when off and over 14 when running so alternator and battery are OK. I was going to order the IBS but it's still over £200 so wondered if anyone else had any similar issues. [/url ] [/url
  10. Hi, can I have a price please for the jump start terminal cover. 61146923945 cheers, stu
  11. Hi, Can I have a price please for a set of locking wheel nuts for an 04 E60 please. Also a price for 16 wheel nuts too please. Ideally need these by tomorrow if that is possible if you can post today? VIN Number - B332980 Cheers Stu
  12. Stu78

    IBS & Battery

    Hi, Can I have a price for the following please:- 1. Intelligent battery sensor. 2. New Battery Car is a 2004 E60 530D Vin - B332980 Cheers, Stu
  13. Hi, can I have a price please for the left and right chrome kidney grille’s please. 51137065701 51137065702
  14. Hi can I have a price for this rear window cover bottom please. 51317115412 cheers Stu.
  15. Stu78

    Price Please

    Hi David, I did order 6 of each when I called up and I don't actually needs these now. Can I send these back for a refund please? Or can they be refunded at my local BMW dealership? If I have to send them back to you can you provide a returns name and address please. Cheers Stu