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Airbag light / Driver restraint error


After some help on this annoying airbag issue.
Shortly after buying my car I got the dreaded airbag light come on saying driver restraint error.
I have had the airbag off and cleaned all the contacts and it made no difference.
I did a scan of codes with Carly and it brought up the following 3 issues. (SEE PICS BELOW)
I decided to take the battery negative off for 30 mins and then put it back on and cleared the codes and it worked and the airbag light stayed off.  I did a new read and the only 2 errors were the power management board and the Intelligent battery sensor again.  The airbag centre console error went away and no airbag / restraint errors.
I have used the car for 6 days covering 300 miles and this morning the airbag light came back on and another read with Carly and the centre console error came back.
Could this be a faulty IBS causing the issues with the airbag light?  I know these can cause all sorts of weird issues?  It has a good AGM BMW battery fitted and reads over 12 when off and over 14 when running so alternator and battery are OK.
I was going to order the IBS but it's still over £200 so wondered if anyone else had any similar issues.

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Yeah I have cleaned that. Do you think the ibs being faulty is triggering this to come on. 

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