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rod bearings e46 m3

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Hi guys can I have a quote on the following(assuming they are right) please for my m3 reg fl 53 bkx

1124783410 x12 rod bolts

11247835440 x6 top bearing

11247835439 x6 bottom bearing

11137834886 x1 sump filter gask

07119963150 x1 plug ring

11431707164 x1 dip o ring

11131437237 x1 sump gask

11427833769 x1 oil filter

31106772199 x12 stretch bolts

would like to order today if possible ,I`ll keep an eye on me phone !

many thanks Mickey


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Good afternoon Mickey,

The following includes forum members discount and free delivery.

The prices are for the quantities asked for:

1124783410 x12 rod bolts: £35.02

11247835440 x6 top bearing: £146.40

11247835439 x6 bottom bearing: £146.40

11137834886 x1 sump filter gasket: £6.91

07119963150 x1 plug ring: £0.31

11431707164 x1 dip o ring: £2.64

11131437237 x1 sump gasket: £26.94

11427833769 x1 oil filter: £12.73

31106772199 x12 stretch bolts: £22.64

Total: £400.00 including vat

Reference No: 38276

Kind Regards,



Our Direct Number is: 01592 657842

Or alternatively email: kirkcaldy.parts@harryfairbairn.co.uk  

Payment Options:

Visa Debit, Credit Card, American Express or Bank Transfer.

Bank Transfer – Sort Code 83-21-27 Account Number 11106368 with your customer reference in the notes section but please call or email us with your delivery address.


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