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2007 Jerez Black E92 M3

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Picked this up yesterday to replace my M4

Always fancied a V8 so thought good time to scratch that itch also with the M4 I missed being able to mess about with it too much with fear of invalidating the warranty so this is a car I can mess about with.

It’s a pretty well specced M3 with high beam assistant and the individual audio option which was a step up from Harman Kardon so its definitely a great system.

Spec list

S1CAA Selection Of COP Relevant Vehicles
S1CBA CO2 Package
S1CDA Brake Energy Regeneration
S223A Electronic Damper Control EDC
S2MDA M Drive
S2PAA Wheel Bolt Retainer
S302A Alarm System
S358A Climate Comfort Windscreen
S423A Floor Mats Velours
S428A Warning Triangle And First Aid Kit
S441A Smoker Package
S490A Adjuster Backrest Width
S493A Storage Compartment Package
S494A Seat Heating Driverpassenger
S4AEA Armrest Front Retractable
S508A Park Distance Control PDC
S521A Rain Sensor
S563A Light Package
S5ACA Highbeam Assistant
S609A Navigation System Professional
S612A BMW Assist
S616A BMW Online
S620A Voice Control
S633A Preparation Mobile Phone Business
S694A Provisions For BMW 6 CD Changer
S6FLA USBAudio Interface
S752A Individual Audio System
L812A National Version England Ireland
S863A Retailer Directory Europe
S877A Delete Crosspattern Operation
S880A Onboard Vehicle Literature English
S8S2A Coding Alarm Signal
S8S3A Automatic Locking When Driving Off
S8SMA Car Ident Number Visible From Outside
S8SPA Control Unit COP

First manual M I have owned an have to say I am enjoying it but just taking some time to adjust from the DCT.

Plans I have for it:

Retrofit the CIC iDrive the older CCC iDrive is ancient in comparision.
Fit LCI tail light
F10 M5 gear knob
Get the steering wheel retrimmed
Refurb the wheels - Unsure to do this or replace with comp pack wheels but theres 4 good Michelin Pilot Super Sports on it at the moment.

Few wee things also need doing:
Need to give it a service this weekend the going to send for an oil inspection
Fit a new battery the car still has the original battery which is 11 years old and I am getting a battery warning every now again

504AAD53-F336-49C4-8568-60F269AC931B.jpeg 0300105B-8944-4630-BD44-EE5B145DC22B.jpeg A1E272C4-6AA3-46A9-94BB-6FAE88078007.jpeg C6574740-5D9C-4154-959F-70AD77771AA8.jpeg F3A0A252-65A7-4608-B417-505F1AB71701.jpeg 2A8A1E50-30C5-47E4-A62E-17CA7F8DBE9B.jpeg B601DA09-15B8-49EC-8A0A-B9A6F2067DB5.jpeg DBAB3F24-1999-4922-8F06-DF72AB29E2E7.jpeg 

First piece of the CIC retrofit puzzle.


The new iDrive controller doesn’t fit into the old trim piece. These are quite hard got and BMW wanted 300 quid for a new one. Got this for 40. Bargain :grinning:


Will post all my updates here as I go.





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Had a bit of an oh **** moment earlier where the car has lit up like a christmas tree.


As I don’t have a cable to read the codes yet, its in the post. I have had a bit of a meltdown.

Straight onto the internet to research the symptoms.

Apparently the M3 will throw these faults for most issues so that didn’t help.

However after pleading for help on another forum I have been told its either most likely to be the battery or an ABS sensor.

If the battery is too low the car will begin shutting systems down to conserve power

As I am already getting battery warnings I am hoping thats all it is.

Hooked up my charger to the car so a reading like that after coming back from a drive is leading me to believe the battery is totally goosed eapicially as the car hasn’t been used in the past 6 months by the last owner.


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s much as I hate Halfords they had the battery I needed and as its Sunday it was either get it or wait for ECP to open. And having a trade account I got the battery for a decent price.

BMW put the date of manufacture on the negative terminal of the battery

Week 41 of 2007

Threw the battery into the car took it a run


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So a slight update on this.

Got the new battery coded and the car is behaving a lot better now and the clock has stopped resetting so thats a win.

The ABS light is coming and going every so often and was greeted with this on Saturday morning


So after a bit of investigation it has came to light that the ABS pump has failed. A very common issue on the E9x M3 and non M.

Apparently a new pump is £1800 from BMW, won't be paying that so have the car in the shed and will remove the pump tonight and send it off to ECUTesting.com who will rebuild the pump with uprated parts and offer a lifetime guraentee for £240 so thats a good result. I will then add the documentation for the rebuild into the folder of previous reciepts the previous owner had to keep the service history up to date.

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Also have been pricing up the CIC retrofit.

Anywhere I ask seems to say you are looking at £1000 to get it done with the parts and the labour on top of that if you can’t code it or DIY yourself.

Been keeping an eye out on eBay as I was going to just picks up the bits individually as it would work out cheaper.

Cheapest full kit I could find was £700 and he refused to post to NI.

Saw this pop up and had no bidders so stuck a bid in last second and won it.

Won it for £400 and thats the whole kit including CIC head unit, CIC HD Screen, CIC iDrive controller and all the required cabling and a USB slot so it was a bargain seeing as the cheapest CIC headunit I could find on its own was £299 so very pleased.


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o update on the M3

The ABS pump rebuild has cured all the issues and its running great already drained a tank today


Also my CIC arrived very happy with it just need to get the time to install it in the car.

On the ebay advert the seller said the screen is heavilly scratched. Photo is from the eBay advert

I decided to gamble on it, as BMW covered the screen in an anti glare coating, most of the time when the screens get scratched its actually the anti glare coating, I decided to remove the coating by polishing it and the screen came up great, will re apply some anti glare during the install. Excuse the white mark on the screen was some excess polish I needed to wipe off.

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So started the CIC retrofit today.

Only doing this today then will do the proper retrofit tomorrow as have to head out shortly so only had time to do this.

The CIC uses the newer iDrive controller. The CCC uses the older one button and a knob controller.

So I needed to install the new controller and a new centre console trim piece as the CIC controller won’t fit into the existing trim piece.

Thankfully everything is plug and play and no new plugs need fitted.

Also excuse the gear knob I have a new one on order but is going to be the new year before it gets here.

The new CIC controller and centre console trim


CCC controller vs CIC controller


Trim out of the car


M buttons switched over and tested - gave the car a quick hoover as well and again excuse the gear knob I know its ****ed



And job done. The CIC controller works with the CCC which is quite cool so was able to test it to make sure it worked.


One job down of the retrofit about 20 more to go
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So update on the CIC retrofit

Got a good bit done today but typical I ended up breaking a part which costs 30p to replace so will have to wait until Thursday for when Bavarian opens to get the part I need.

So started by removing the old screen. The power connector has to be changed to the new style connector for the CIC screen so has to be re-pinned


Started by taking the pins out then when removing the live pin it broke in half on the way out. I can get it connected but its not secure and don’t want to take the risk incase it comes loose and shorts out so will wait for a new pin on Thurday



Well as the power pin is broken I can’t refit the CCC so may as well power on

Trims and heater controls removed and access to the CCC note the two cd slots the DVD slot is for the Navigation DVD.


CCC unit out of the car


The new CIC screen cable which needs installed


The USB cable for the CIC which will be run to the glovebox

The CIC unit in the car and getting things built up note only the one DVD slot this time as the sat nav is now hard drive based

I decided to test everything out so hooked up the monitor and all seems well.

There is no sounds out of the speakers but in guessing its because its not coded to the car yet.


And how the car looks now. Shame a 30p part has put it all on hold :worried:


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Right so another update on the CIC

Ran up to the shed and low and behold theres the connector I need.

30 secs later we have a functioning screen

B1DC205F-6A34-45DD-8780-DA2D98DF0336.jpeg 964FDE3C-9FD1-4C72-8D0D-D5912ED91731.jpeg 

Still no audio and only the rear parking sensors are working but thats due to the unit not being coded to my car as it came out of a 320d with only rear sensors and basic audio so need to tell it to look for the additional kit and M drive will tackle that maybe tomorrow depending on what the Mrs has planned for Christmas eve but in terms lf hardware we are job done in terms of the retrofit.

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Right so got to the coding today

I had to modify the vehicle order to tell the car it was built in 2009 rather than 2007 so changed variable #0907 to #0909 so it would see the CIC module and added the CIC option code $6VA to the car.


Now the car lists the CIC as a selectable module.


I have then read the CIC module which downloads the settings from the CIC. I then wipe this file and upload the blank options file to the CIC.

This forces it to reboot and re-write its option fIle but this time it reads the modules and vehicle order of my car to create a new option file so it now has all the options my car has so now M drive is there and the surround sound ststem is working again and sounds so much better.



I was going to retrofit a combox to the car but I am now having second thoughts as the sound quality have improved by x100 so I am unsure if it’s necessary as I will have to flash a new firmware to the CIC as it is currently on an older one that supports the combox and to do that i’ll have to remove the CIC and send it away to be flashed as the cable costs the guts of 200 quid and I can send it to be flashed for 50 quid. I still may do it or may fit an android system as it will be roughly the same money and I think the android will be the better of the two.

And with that the CIC retrofit is done :grinning:

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