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Chris Turner

E91 seat belt problems


I am having trouble unlocking the centre seat belt of my E91 Touring. When I fold down the rear seats for long loads, the centre seat belt repeatedly locks up and will not release. (I've been told that it is an MOT failure!) I keep having to ask my local mechanic to do it for me but if it's so simple, I should be able to do it myself. If I can finally release it, I will fix a button on the belt itself so that it cannot do it again!

Please, can anyone advise, point me to photos, a video, anything that would help...?!


Thank you

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if the release on the seat belt buckle isn't working then you will have to replace the buckle assy which will mount direct to the car structure normally the floor by a bolt. you can try a breakers or parts supplier( might be dealer only). It is an MOT failure and a safety issue because if you have an accident the person in that seat may not be able to get out.

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