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I apologize for the grammatical errors in advance. 

This is by far the worst experience I?ve ever had with a company and moving forward I would never do any type of business with this company or BMW. It?s not bad enough I lost over 12k worth of brand new parts on my car and 4-6k unusable parts because I don?t have the car anymore?It?s not bad enough they wrecked my car because of the negligence of their technician which I know was speeding based on the damage done to my vehicle. If you?re making a right turn that?s less than a 100 feet away and a car that?s in your line of site that?s crossing into your lane should be avoidable unless your speed was exceeding the speed limit. Fast fwd almost 3 months If it wasn?t for my insurance contacting them they would not have even opened a claim (side note Zurich adjuster should be fired. Doesn?t respond to emails or calls) and after I decided to go through my insurance because they were offering more money to the finance company to help pay off the vehicle, they were ready to kick me out the loaner before the ink could even dry off the check. All they were worried about was me putting miles on their precious car. I wish they put that much value in my vehicle?. Maybe I would still have it today. The process is still on going. Gap hasn?t finish their portion and I am without a vehicle. Unfortunately I didn?t have rental reimbursement so I have to pay for a rental vehicle out of my pockets. I blame myself for being understanding and they used that to walk over me. In short stay clear or you could be the next victim.

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