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has this forum been hacked??

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I have tried to register for this forum in the past but I was never successful - I never received the validation emails. I used two very specific email IDs that I have not used anywhere else:

bmwfi@xxxx.uk   and bmwfi2@xxxx.uk

I put it down to my domain ending in ".uk" as opposed to ".co.uk" - every now and then I have a problem because some systems don't handle that domain correctly. Although my registration didn't succeed the email addresses were stored by the forum software as in Jan of 2017 I received emails asking about putting cars in the bmwforums.info stand at Santa Pod.

I'm now getting phishing emails at those two email addresses. I've never used those addresses anywhere else so me thinks something rotten is the state of Denmark.

To make this post I registered with bmwfi3@xxxx.uk and I received the validation email straightaway.

And I note that even the login page is shown as not secure by my browser - what's up with that in this day and age?

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