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BMW X3, X5 CV boot, CV joint replacement guide

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BMW X3, X5 CV boot, CV joint replacement guide.

Jack up the car and place an axle stand under the vehicle. Remove the wheel and loosen and remove the driveshaft nut.


Using a drift/punch, tap the driveshaft through the hub, you won't be able to get it fully out yet though.


Undo both of the lower suspension arms, inner bolts.



Pull the hub away from the driveshaft, you may have to use a punch/drift still to get the driveshaft out of the hub.


Pull and twist the hub out of the way so you can get easy access to the CV joint.


Cut the old CV boot clips off and cut the old CV boot off.


I clamp the driveshaft with some vice grips/molegrips, to stop the driveshaft moving outwards, then hit the old CV joint off from the end of the shaft.



Clean the old CV grease from the shaft, then slide your new CV boot onto the shaft.


If fitting a new CV joint, fill the inside of the joint with fresh grease.


Tap the CV joint back onto the shaft, then resecure the CV boot to the joint and shaft.



You can now fit the parts in reverse order from when you took them apart. You should grease the splines on the end of the CV joint to stop it rusting inside the hub.

Remember to torque your suspension arm bolts, driveshaft nut and wheel bolts to their required torques.

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