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BMW 2002 Tii Radiator

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So here's a request out the norm: Price and Availability for a BMW 2002 Tii (1974) Radiator please? Chassis No. 2752359 (but comes up as a newer 7-Series as BMW re-used some of the early numbers). It's manual, RHD of course (turbo's had larger one fitted). Picture attached for reference. Thank You.

02 Rad.jpg

Midlands Cartel my 02 Tii 02.jpg

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Whoa, I received an email this week that all BMW Car Club members get 12% discount on all BMW parts on the BMW Classic web site not sure if this is discounted. Still expensive mind. Two specialists Jaymic and Wallothnesch selling new ones (Genuine) for £324 and 300 Euros respectively. Think I'll leave it for now - thanks David

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