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2AAF and


all stock 2006 335xi automatic.

when accelerating rapidly error comes up; "Engine Malfunction: Reduced Engine Power..." and SES light come up.
rough idle.

scanned, shows codes:

"2AAF: DME: Fuel Pump, plausibility".

"30FF: DME: turbocharger , boost pressure too low"

I am reading and searching and reading finding different answers:
to replace LPFP, HPFP, LPFP sensor, charge pipe leak etc..

(Any values I can check for or live data parameters when when driving to figure what the problem is ?

(I have Autel maxisys and launch pro3 x431 diagnostic scanners )  )

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Are you able to monitor the fuel pressure live readings?

Also the boost pressure reading?

When the faults are cleared, is there a certain rev range that the fault code comes in at?

Does it list it in the fault code data?

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