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My e82 sport plus edition

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Had an arctic silver e36 convertible with full m3 running gear, sold that in February and bought an e82 sport plus edition. 

So far I’ve fitted a spoiler, iceduk and myself lowered it with ebaich springs, fitted Darkline high led rear lights. Set of csl style wheels






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Cic retrofit

this was one of the things I wanted most when buying the car but couldn’t find the right one with the bits I wanted. So it’s only took 7 seven months for the bits then this little lot popped up on eBay at 3 in the morning. I’m just waiting on the plastic surround should be here any day now







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Bumper and skirts were fitted all of 3 days before some one on the motorway rammed me in the rear, I was doing around 75 at the time he drove off before getting any details.

Then a week later I get contacted by my insurance he’s trying to put a claim in against me and the insurance company is not sure what’s going on, unfortunately for him that part of the motorway is full of cameras.

Already put the wheels in motion to have it repaired so not going through insurance 😕




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looks good mate. 

if you dont mind me asking what eibach springs did you go for and how has it affected the cars handling do you feel it a lot rougher etc ??

shame about the car going into the back of you hope you get it all sorted the damage doesnt look excessive ??

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