Well, I'm back.

Still haven't finished my E34 535, but I've sold the E30's, E36, a Lexus, the Mazda6, and the Passat.
The E34 has moved house with us, and sits in the garage, waiting for me to tidy up so I can put the other sill in.

Purchased an 03 plate 320D Touring now.

Few bits wrong with it, front wings are bubbled quite badly and will need replacing.
Keys are dead, well, the one I have is, the other is still with the seller, but she's forwarding it on....in pieces.
Sticky / grinding O/S/F brake.
Oh and the battery is about fubar.

Probably loads more, but for less than 1k, who can complain? Oh wait..I can!

Skint now, so will be a bit before I can sort anything major out on the motor.

Anyway, whats changed?