Hi folks, I never knew this forum existed until today. I have a 2004 X3 E83, which was an ex-demo from Williams Bolton in nice sapphire black. Being a ex-demo model, it almost has every option on it, and most are nice-to-haves really, but now that I have used them, my next car will definitely need to have them fitted.

Anyway, whilst on holiday, my car, which was driven by my father-in-law had parked it in a parking bay in our local village, and I want to know some advice. It has been deemed a total loss (Cat C) and the cost of repairs outweighs the cost of the car itself. Of course, I have challenged this and await the engineers report. I provided a download of the options list based on a VIN search plus attached 5 Autotrader examples of those models that are near like-for-like. All of them coming at well over the value the engineers have placed on my pre-accident evaluation.

It's a 2004MY E83 X3 3.0 M Sport with 137k miles.
The car was stationary at a parking bay in our local village at the time with no-one in it. A LGV truck had reversed into it causing the attached damage.

in Cheadle, United Kingdom - photo by bingbang - Pinkbike
in Cheadle, United Kingdom - photo by bingbang - Pinkbike
in Cheadle, United Kingdom - photo by bingbang - Pinkbike

What do you all think? Should it have been a write-off? My next door neighbour, who works in the insurance industry, seems to think it will be a write-off! I have, since receiving the report, went to a recommended bodyshop repairer and he suggested buy the car back at next to nothing and have it repaired using the rest of the cheque money.

Now, having discussed this with the missus (it's her car really), she wants it repaired.
I am having trouble trying to source used parts, so may have to buy them new. But before I do that, any recommendation apart from eBay where I can look (Quarry Motors, breakers etc?)? Basically needs a new o/s front wing, wheel housing, brackets for them, wheel arch trim etc.

What do you suggest?

Cheers :(