Hello BMW Forums, I am considering buying a BMW 335. I'm finding 2007 and 2008 cars in my price range. I do a lot of work on my own cars, and plan to maintain this one as well if I make the buy.
1) I would love some advice on what problem areas I should watch for on 100k mile plus 335i.
2) I would prefer a manual trans, but may consider an auto because the manual selection is so limited. I've found an excellent prospect...an old guy owned and meticulously maintained 2008, but has an auto trans and asking price of $12,900 with 104k miles. Should I avoid the auto trans with 100k+ miles? the price seems excessive. Is it?
3) Any common paint problems with certain colors?
4) Looked at a 2007 today. Paddle shifters both shifted up. Couldn't downshift with paddles. Is this common?

Thanks in advance for any guidance, advice, opinions you provide.