Hi quick note from a newbie having bought a rather cheap 318i touring i couldn't help myself, now i want to keep this Tourer as i have ideas that it will suit me for the winter, However i had issues with overheating problems so i changed the water pump fitted by myself still not right so i read something about a plastic elbow branch thing at the back of head which had perished and cracked basically worn away this was also fitted then a new thermastate as well. now i just could not get the coolant to circulate and got rather concerned about the head gasket,then we noticed the radiator pipe by filling point was not properly connected so i did that and now no air can get in or leak so i bled the system and believe it is circulating as it should do but i am still waiting for the fan to kick in and the temperature stays just below half way indicating all is well but i don't trust it yet my concern now is the fan not switching on when really hot so any help or tips would be great as this car deserves to be looked after for a few years to come all the best and Hi