BMW X5 CV Joint replacement, CV gaiter DIY.
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    BMW X5 CV Joint replacement, CV gaiter DIY.

    BMW X5 CV Joint replacement, CV gaiter DIY.

    Remove road wheel. (17mm)

    Undo 36mm multipoint(12 sided) hub nut.

    Remove the inner suspension control arm bolt and pull the arm down.(16mm headed bolt, 18mm nut).

    Remove the 21mm headed bolt and nut from the front of the thrust arm and then pull down the thrust arm.

    Using a punch or drift(preferably a soft one if just replacing the CV boot so not to damage the threads), drive(hit) the CV joint out of the hub.

    If you can tie the hub up out of the way, it makes life easier and gives you some nice working room.
    Now cut the old CV boot off from the joint.

    Then clean off the old grease.

    Now using a suitable sized hammer(large), hit the CV joint off from the driveshaft.

    Clean up the old grease and fit the new boot along with a new retaining clip if you have one.

    Then pack the joint with grease and tap the joint back onto the shaft, be careful not to damage the retaining clip. Once on you can strap it up.

    Now it's time to put it all back together again. Reversal of when you took it apart.

    Hub nut torque is 420NM. Wheel nut torque is 140NM.

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